Thursday, May 14, 2009

Long VS Short: Michael Hill International

In this seventh installment of the Long vs Short series I am once again going to take look at the chart comparisons for a stock from the Share Investor Portfolio and compare the 10 year return (above chart) to the turmoil of the last year with a 1 year return chart (large chart at bottom of post).

In this series I want to show the merits of investing, using charts, for the long-term vs short term gains or losses. I will use the longest available data to me for the long-term view (10 years )and will make a comparison against the NZX50.

In this segment of Long vs Short I will take a look at Michael Hill International Ltd [MHI.NZ] .

I currently hold 3000 Michael Hill shares after buying them in November 2007 (see small chart below for detail) I added a further 7000 in July 2009.

The company has been a spectacular performer over its 25 year plus history, growing from just one store to more than 200. Its returns to shareholders have been similarly spectacular but have tapered off over the last year due to the world-wide recession.

You own 3000 [MHI.NZ] shares
purchased at $.889 [$2667]

In my 18 months of owning this share my return has been a loss of $807 or around 30% (see small chart above)This includes dividends and tax credits.

If I had bought this share just a year ago (see large chart at bottom) my return would have been exactly the same as my 18 month return of a 30% loss.

Now for the real point of this comparison lets look at the return for Michael Hill shareholders who have held the stock for 10 years. (see large chart above)

From a high of a 450% return in 2007 the 10 year return as of writing is still around 240%.

That beats my holding return and the one year return by 270%!

Yet another point made that when it comes to long VS short term investing, long beats short like it has its hands tied behind its back.

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