Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Analysis - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare: FY Profit to 31/03/09

Lets take a quick look at today's profit announcement for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Ltd [FPH.NZ]

Key Points:

1. Real revenue growth up by 10% to US$299.3 million.

2. Profit up over 70% and revenue up 28% is an excellent result- In New Zealand dollar terms.

3. A big contribution from a favourable exchange rate.

4. Nice contribution from the sleep apnea products.

5. Steady DIV of 7 cents - a DIV re-investment plan to be initiated.

6. Outlook positive for 2009-2010.

The stockmarket has reacted negatively to this result, marking shares down 20c at time of writing because profit guidance by management for the next year is lower than expected by analysts.

On first glance this might frighten the unwary FPH shareholder but if you have been watching the US/NZ dollar exchange rate you will know that this had favoured the company in a major way over the last year and as revenue is reported in kiwi dollars this has had the effect of boosting revenue higher than real revenue growth from increased sales.

This favourable boost to company revenue through exchange rate crosses is not going to continue over the coming year and may in fact negatively impact the bottom line, as it has done in the past.

These facts are already known by the market and there should be no surprise to anyone about the exchange rate factor and its effect on company profit. Shareholders shouldn't expect the same "windfall" profits next year.

All I can say is the analysts put the anal in their name -try looking outside the office next time you quote forward profit projections.

Of course the material sales revenue figures are the all important ones and must be the main stress in this profit report and that has increased 10% to US$299.3 million-mostly on the back of their sleep sector products.

Shareholders should take note that the company is still growing, and your focus needs to be on the bottom line health of the business and not on exchange rate fluctuations which will occur regardless of what the company does.

The company like the name, is in good health.

You can find the full Fisher & Paykel Healthcare FY 2009 profit announcement here .

Disclosure I own FPH shares in the Share Investor Portfolio

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