Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tony Veitch cleared of all serious accusations

So Tony Veitch has just pleaded guilty to "reckless disregard causing injury" and 6 serious assault charges have been dropped.

What this means in effect is that there was insufficient evidence to prove assault and Veitch has pleaded to this non charge to bring the whole thing to a head rather than wait for another 2 years to get his day in court.

Former girlfriend Kristin Dunne-Powell who brought the charges, along with a police force publicly out to get him have got what they wanted though; his name dragged through the courts and his reputation, whatever that was, tarnished beyond repair.

Dunne-Powell has clearly got egg on her face and it would be nice for the mainstream media to attack her in the way they went after him.

I seriously doubt it will happen though.

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