Monday, April 13, 2009

Fruit cake Andrew Williams must go

"The 'dog's breakfast' as you describe us will develop a co-operative plan for our region. I would recommend that you work with us and not be the lone sheep."

Andrew Williams text to John Banks, 10.28pm last Thursday

Andrew Williams said that the Local Government Minister Rodney Hide misled Prime Minister John Key about his consultation with Auckland mayors. Last week in a TV news report.

Fruit cake mayor Andrew Williams paranoid rantings continue, this time over his impending unemployment  due to supercity elections late in 2110.

He has started a stoush with John Banks, Mayor of Auckland City which has lead to a mistaken text sent to him instead of its original recipient Aaron Bhatnagar:

"I leave this to Whaleoil. TV3 are running this lunitic (sic) tonight?"

John Banks mistaken text to Andrew Williams, 5.57pm Saturday.

Whaleoil wants Williams removed from office and is smearing him as much as it can to bring this to a head. I had no idea part of Whaleoil's motivation was because it is run by Cameron Slater - son of Citizens & Ratepayers president John Slater, and a friend of Mr Banks.

Nevertheless, Andrew Williams is out of control, has abused his political foes and ratepayers of the North Shore City so he deserves a good grilling over an open public flame.

Williams recent behavior has seen him send off abusive emails to his constituents, fight with basketball players, drunken abuse at political functions and a number of other bizarre incidents where his mouth has written checks his brain couldn't cash.

Williams was elected by a small minority of Shore residents (and sadly me) and his popularity has plummeted since then, becoming now one of the North Shores most unpopular mayors in the areas history.

I fear the representation of the North Shore by a drunken, abusive, paranoid individual with clear mental heath problems is not doing this region any good at all.

Time to fall on your sword Andy.

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