Monday, April 20, 2009

Investors have reached a Tipping Point

I have got to say it, I am over reading, watching, listening and writing about economic crises, recessions, banking collapses and companies sinking under debt.

Enough already!

Lets get on with the real stuff of business, finance, companies growing and returns we can all get from investing, in the stockmarket and other financial sectors.

I, and I feel others, have reached a psychological tipping point where we just cant take all this bad news anymore and we want to concentrate on content rather than the emotional turmoil of turbulent markets. Whether it is boredom or pure negative information overload we all have a tipping point that we reach at one stage or another.

That is not to say people want to bury their heads in the sand and forget what is happening around them but this change in market "feeling" (some say would say greed instead of the most recently prevailing fear) is palpable in my circles of influence.

I was reasonably pessimistic about economic events over the last few years but there came a point where my tiny little brain just couldn't take any more bad news and it did a 180 degree turn.

That happened a couple of weeks ago.

When that happens as a group, or in this apparent case millions of investors, the more positive mental outlook lifts everything around them.

We have been told at least half of the economic downturn is due to state of mind rather than real economic factors, and I believe that has merit, so finally hitting the wall of economic bad news is, well, good news for the real economy.

Let me repeat, I am not sticking my head in the economic sand. I and I would contend many others are sick of the dire economic news, just cant take anymore and are ready to move on.

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