Monday, April 20, 2009

Im Buying: 2009

Close watchers of mine would have noted a renewed interest in Auckland International Airport [AIA.NZ] over the last few days. I have written a couple of articles (1 2 )on Auckland's near monopoly air services provider.

My interest has culminated today by buying a small additional shareholding of 2000 shares to add to my existing 1000. Cost NZ$1.70 per share.

I have taken my eye off the ball over the last few months with other commitments and it is not until you can sit down and look at the figures that you can start to make a case to spend more money in this turbulent investing environment.

Only yesterday did I write that I felt that collectively investors had seemed to reach some kind of investing "Tipping Point" where they have got thoroughly brassed off with all the gloom and focused on the more positive aspects of business and investing.

This has certainly been the case for me today with my new purchase but lets not get carried away. I have bought at a good price for me, my original foray into AIA being at $2.15 in November 2006. With dividends and tax credits included in that initial AIA purchase my cost price comes in at $1.88 per share. Today's purchase then is 18c per share lower than it was more than 2 years ago.

That is like a sale at Bricoes!

Readers may like to be reminded that Canadian and Arab investors were last year willing to pay more than twice today's closing price for a half share in the Airport before being stopped by Government legislation.

My wandering into the market today was the first time since July 2008 when I bought Hallenstein Glasson [HLG.NZ] and Postie Plus [PPG.NZ] shares.

No extra money went into the Share Investor Portfolio today, the $3400.00 plus $30 brokerage was funded from a part of this reporting seasons dividends.

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