Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kristen Dunne-Powell deserves a media beating

I am currently listening to Tony Veitch on Newstalk ZB being interviewed by Susan Wood.

If his account of the kick in the back was true Kristen Dunne-Powell deserved everything she got.

According to Veitch she was in effect stalking him, wouldn't let go after he dumped her and she put herself physically in his way to stop him from leaving a bedroom-he kicked her in frustration.

He shouldn't have kicked her but the hell she put him through before the assault looks to have pressured Veitch to the point of breaking.

She then pretty much did nothing about the incident until five weeks before Veitch was due to be married and then, through her lawyers extorted more than $150,000.00 off him and promised to keep silent in return.

She then released detail to the media, then through her lawyers and PR spokes people has spent the next year assaulting his character.

Sounds like a spiteful, vengeful, media hungry bitch with an axe to grind to me.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned huh .

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  1. Dude. What you are saying is that it is okay to hit women.
    I don't believe so under any circumstances and I should know, as I have been stabbed by a woman.
    He could have called the police to remove her.

    (Anonymous because I can't be bothered signing up)

  2. hey can't you read, he said - "He shouldn't have kicked her".
    Why do you think he calling the police would do any good? - They would show up three weeks later, get real

  3. Stefan, your example is a good one to use, if you had decked her to stop her from stabbing you then it may not have happened. Of course when the police arrived YOU would have been arrested for defending yourself.

    Every situation is different and to hit a woman in your case, and in Veitches is understandable.

    We all have a breaking point for violence and it is not as if Veitch has done it before.

    I hope you sorted it out with knife girl.

  4. I felt very very sorry for Tony Veitch. If this woman was so badly hurt, what was she doing chasing after him. Took money from him and deemed to say nothing. I am sorry I do not trust her one little bit. I personally think she is an attention seeker, who was out for revenge, if she couldn't have him.


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