Monday, April 6, 2009

Latest Colmar Brunton Poll reveals Phil Goff is history

In a week that revealed Helen Clark felt rejected by New Zealand when she lost in a landslide election to National last November comes more bad news for Labour.

New Zealand is in love with John Key and the National Party.

They have done well so far despite for delving into "big gay outs" and cycleways just to win popularity but John Key continues to urinate into Phil Goff's pocket.

Latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll results as of 05/04/09 (Source: ONE News)

ONE News Latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll results as of 05/04/09

It might be wrestling with the biggest economic down-turn in 70 years, but the National-led government is riding a massive wave of popularity according to the latest ONE News Colmar Brunton Poll.

Despite some of National ministers needing to be reined in like Richard Worth's, whose private business trip to India had the opposition accusing him of both a cock-up and a conspiracy, it hasn't affected National's or PM John Key's popularity with the masses.

It is still sky high in the polls with 57%. Labour is well back on 31%, the Greens are on seven percent and the Maori Party and ACT both hovering around two percent.

Translating that to seats in Parliament, it gives National 70, Labour 37 and the Greens eight.

Assuming electorate seats are held the Maori Party has five seats, ACT two and United Future and the Progressives one seat each.

What is clear is that Kiwis wont even consider Labour as long as Phil Goff is spluttering his way through his opposition position.

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