Sunday, February 24, 2008

Poll and Comment: Labour's teflon in tatters

The latest Nielson Fairfax political poll shows that Aunty Helen and her mates continue to slip further behind. It reflects an earlier Colmar Brunton poll that came out on Monday and continues an ongoing slide for the Godmother of the nation.

The downwards trend for the Labour Party and supporting political players rolls on. It seems since the last poll 3 months ago their stance on the Electoral Finance Act. An act that stifles free speech against the government and stamps on political funding to opposition, and their hypocritical stance over secret loans made to the party during the recent Owen Glenn scandal, that run contrary to their moralistic masturbation over the EFA, have really taken their toll.

Mike Moreu cartoon
c Moreu 2008, from Stuff , " The Loan Arranger"

The possible inclusion of a referendum to coincide with the 2008 election, will be a further reminder to voters about the other restraints of New Zealander's freedoms that these mad socialists have foisted on us over the past 9 long years.

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c Political Animal 2008

National opens up 23 point lead - poll

9:05AM Saturday February 23, 2008, NZPA

National has opened up its biggest lead over Labour, the latest poll showing it 23 points ahead with 55 per cent support.

The Fairfax Media-Nielsen poll of 1088 voters showed National gaining 10 points on the same poll last November, while Labour lost 8 points.

Labour's problems don't stop there; support for Prime Minister Helen Clark has dropped to 29 per cent, down 9 points in three months, while National leader John Key is 15 points ahead on 44 per cent, up 8 points.

The Greens 6 per cent support meant it was the only minor party to hit the 5 per cent needed under MMP to qualify for seats without an electorate.

New Zealand First had 3 per cent, the Maori Party 2 per cent and ACT 1 per cent. United Future and the Progressives both failed to rate.

If the poll was reflected in an election-night result, National would govern alone with 69 seats.

The poll, taken between February 13 and 19, had a margin of error of 3 per cent


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