Monday, February 25, 2008

Helen Clarks slipping teflon makeup leaves her naked

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Helen Clarks spectacular outburst today, blaming the media for her and her party's bad showing in the latest political polls out last week, on a rampant media with the sole purpose of having her removed from parliament seems more than a little laughable considering the huge left-wing bias in the majority of the mainstream stuff written.

Clark has had them in her clutches, and mostly on her side for the last 9 years and her conspiracy theory that the media are out there to get her have shades of Robert Muldoon(yes I'm that old) as he crumbled drunk from office, and the worlds greatest conspiracy theorist when it comes to the media, Winston"Baubles" Peters.

I guess it is true what they say huh, you lie down with lapdogs...

The thin veneer of humanity left in Clark has slipped, like last weeks chardonnay and fish and chips, into the compost bin.

You can almost see her true personality soaking through the gritted stained teeth, and the unhinging looks more lovely everyday.

She has attacked the media in the past, when they don't say what she thinks is acceptable and a usually politically savvy Clark(probably the best political animal NZ has ever seen) has attacked a media, rightly or wrongly, in election year as being too stupid to make up their own minds about the PMs popularity.

Does she now expect them to go easier on her after that?!

Audrey Young and Fran O'Sullivan are no doubt sharpening their pens for another bite at the bitch again tomorrow, pass the dynamite.

Still there is always the ever present Electoral Finance Act for her to fall back on. Its eyes over ones shoulder are ever present.

I'm picking a landslide win to National come election 2008.

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