Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cindy Kiro gets violent
c Blanch 2008

Cindy Kiro, the Children's Commissar, has gone feral over the weekend and it looks like a violent reaction to the truth about child rearing has smacked her in the face and waken her from her slumber in her deep welfare dependent taxpayer funded black leather chair.

In the wake of the anti anti-smacking petition getting the required amount of signatures, Kiro's mouth continues to cash cheques that she cant back up with any real currency.

She calls those who voted for the petition"extreme" and I guess by definition and inclusion the majority of New Zealanders, who would like to be able to use a small smack on the hand or a safe part of the body, as a part of good and loving parenting, without going to prison or being told on by their children, other parents or teachers.

She calls the petition organisers "misleading" regarding how they got so much support for their petition. The mirror would be a good place to start when little Cindy utters this kind of clap trap.

I have been told a story about 2 young boys who discussed among themselves about whether they should tell their teacher about one of them being smacked lightly for being a horrible little child. The children didn't tell because the one who wasn't smacked told his father and both families got together and discussed it. The boys came to the conclusion that it would have been wrong to tell on the parent, and rightly so.

Kiro and the lefty lot who push their poisonous legislation on us want to undermine parents authority, that is clear in the example I explained above and it would have led to that parent being interrogated by the police, just for being a Father.

The fact is the majority of good parents in this country disagree with Kiro and would also share the view, that it is she with the problem and not those of us who know that a little smack is not child abuse and is good for the child when done with love.

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