Monday, February 4, 2008

Having a multiple Muslim

A news report today on Muslim men in Britain officially getting benefits for multiple wives has got me more than a little hot under the headdress.

Apart for the immorality of collecting money for doing nothing and the small fact that it is indeed illegal to be married to more than one person seems to have escaped the reasoning of the radical left in power in the mother country.

The muslimization of Europe continues apace.

While listening to this account on the Leighton Smith talkback show(Listen to Leighton Smith Live(Weekdays 8.30am-Midday NZ Time) ) today there was also a caller that recounted the case of a wonderful recently arrived Muslim individual who just happened to have two wives, in two state houses, side by side and receiving the largess of the taxpayer twice for two benefits for his small harem.

She didn't say where these individuals lived but it is more than likely going to be in a place like Mt Roskill, the centre of the universe when it comes to all the waifs and strays that nobody else in the world will have but us poor saps.

It is also more than likely that the fine taxpayer funded Harem discussed above is not the only example of this gross stupidity.

I myself am aware of such a "family" living in the state house area in the suburb of Northcote, on Auckland's North Shore.

Would another faith be given this sort of leeway to break our laws in the name of cultural diversity?

I think not, be best it not be critiqued should the Mullahs get angry. We are all well aware the lengths they will go to to show their disapproval of our intolerance to their cultural practices.

Couple this with statistics out today about the number of kiwi born people leaving for the more golden shores and you can see the obvious problems we are going to face.

I'm not anti immigration, we need lots more people with skills and jobs, and who fit in with the lifestyle, to come from nations all around the world but we also need to keep the good kiwis here.

You don't do that by importing riff raff to take their place.

John Key commented that Labour had clearly lost support because people were voting with their feet, while Helen Clark was quite nonchalant about the record losses of New Zealanders leaving because, "The population grew by about 3 per cent in the first five of six years of this century and that was done by net migration".

She should be concerned about those of us leaving, and thinking of leaving, if we all go mad at the end of the year and vote her back in, but the reason for her casual attitude is the simple fact that those, like the aforementioned multiple wive crews, that enter the country, are more likely to vote Labour and conversely those who are leaving would have voted for an opposition party.

Who needs Kiwis when you have "cultural diversity" though !

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