Friday, February 22, 2008

Clarks rudeness to donor Owen Glenn plumbs new depths

Friday, February 22, 2008 By Rod Emmerson

"Helen's idea of Fidelity"

Ignoring the biggest donor to your 2005 election bid, Owen Glenn, at a function that you are supposed to be the figurehead of, at a school of business that bears the name of that donor and using the Maori race card excuse not to rub noses with him is pushing the envelope even for this sheila.

It is rude and disrespectful and certainly not something a balanced Prime Minister would do.

Its childish stuff and her modus operandi, but something that brain dead Labour party voters seem to ignore year after year when they vote this trollop back in.

The video of the opening of the school is a classic and if body language tells you anything here its that Helen Clark would rather at a National Party Election victory party(OK thats going too far) or perhaps at the main meeting house at Waitangi on a wet day.

Video from NZ Herald

There is much more dirt to dig up over this scandal and I think I can hear Fran O' Sullivan from the NZ Herald working on her word processor now.

Stay tuned!

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