Monday, February 11, 2008

Labour buys Tim Shadbolt's silence
c Blanch 2008

News out today that the Labour Party have caved in to the protestations of Tim Shadbolt over his promise to campaign against the anti democratic Electoral Finance Act should be no surprise to those of us with morals and standards.

Labour cut funding to various Southland education facilities because they didn't think anyone would notice or care.

Shadbolt, a former Auckland University colleague of a large number the current crop of Labour Socialists, including Aunt Helen herself, would have focused attention on the controversial Electoral Finance Act by publicly protesting, up until the general election, towards the end of 2008, so the fuse had to be short circuited and Labour backtracked by reinstating some of the funding. Something that Labour said at the time wouldn't happen.

It is a clear message to voters that the Labour Party are highly embarrassed over the Electoral Finance Act and will do anything to stifle the much warranted negative publicity over its introduction and inception on Jan 1 2008. An act that has already had a number of causalities, most notably the young man, Andrew Moore, who was threatened by the Electoral Commission to effectively close his website down because it criticised the Government-something those that voted for the Bill also said would never happen.

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