Saturday, October 18, 2008

Labour in Spin mode over immigration scandal

The standard line taken directly from Labours political handbook over the passport for donations scandal has been played out today in reaction to Ian Wisharts latest expose'.

"All citizenship decisions are made by the Minister of Internal Affairs, except where there may be an actual or perceived conflict of interest," said Mr Barker.

In that circumstance, a decision was made by another minister.

Mr Barker said an investigation was being made into "the possibility of immigration fraud in this case".

He did not want to jeopardise this process, and there would be no further comment from ministers.


No further comment was the line from Labour before the 2005 election over the Phillip Field immigration scandal which is now before the courts but this time the implications for Labour are much more serious. There are allegations made by Wishart that the individual at the centre of the scandal, Yang Liu, a Chinese National with several identities, has made donations to Labour in return for New Zealand citizenship and the much coveted New Zealand passport.

Watch now for Labour Party insiders, directed by Labour leak some sort of baseless lie or "leaked tape" to misdirect the groveling leftist media again.

This is another standard Labour political line when they are in a corner.

A Fairfax Poll out today indicates that Labour Party muck raking directed at National has had no effect and the opposition still have a clear and consistent lead, which has been the trend for nearly two years.

Read Wisharts full account of the money for passports scandal

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