Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More new taxes from Labour

Labour call it a "levy" but it is a tax.

In the face of a serious local recession, a probable global recession , or worse, we see today Labour allowing local councils to pass a 10c a litre fuel tax for Auckland:

Ms King congratulated the Auckland Regional Council and Rodney District Council for their successful proposals.

Ms King, the Transport Minister, passed the tax in the face of massive public opposition and warnings from Auckland business leaders that 10c a litre tax would have a drag on the economy and an increase in inflation through increased business costs and associated price rises for goods and services.

When pressed by Larry Williams on his afternoon Newstalk ZB show today that the first tranche of the tax, a 2c increase in July 2009, would cause economic pressure, Ms King answered that petrol increased by that much in a week sometimes and implicated therefore that consumers wouldn't notice it.

Some do Ms King and at 10c a litre when fully implemented that is a significant drain on an economy in deep trouble, an economy Treasury's books say will be in deficit for 10 years!

How about changing tack when economic circumstances deteriorate?  That Anette, is what business does.

Of course this 10c tax is on top of approximately 20c a litre for Labour's dopey "climate change" legislation.

Simply more out of touch stuff from our dopey politicians.

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