Friday, October 31, 2008

HELEN CLARK FALL VIDEO: Did you enjoy your trip?

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Eventually Karma catches up on you.

I especially like the help she got from one her supporters. She reached out for him you stop her downwards momentum, you can see he felt sorry for a second because he was thinking of helping her but at the last minute decided to withdrawal.

A sign of what will happen on November 8? Who knows.

Its the funniest thing since I have seen since that execution video of Saddam Hussein and when a friend got mine got his sausage stuck in a Labour party voter.

The Labour conspiracy theory is that Clark was pushed.

A YouTube classic.

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  1. hi, any interest in exchanging blog roll links with a PR5 blog? if yes, leave your blog url as a comment at:
    i'll link to you first, then when you have time, link back. :)

  2. Some have said this video isn't our Prime Minister at all. It is genuine though and it happened at a Christchurch Coffee shop.

  3. You are a dirty filthy scumbag Darren

  4. Our Prime Minister falling over looks to be a symbol of her Prime Ministership.

    Lets hope we can get back up quickly enough if John is elected.

    My fingers are crossed, we NEED a change.

  5. Baz, we live in hope. Anon, you don't need to be nasty about it.

  6. Clark is history mate

  7. Some Pundits say it is going to be a close election Hi-Top but I don't think they are correct. I sense an overwhelming need for a change to something human, something good, something aspirational rather than the politics of envy.

  8. Helen is a great Prime Minister. Knocking her for falling is just infantile rubbish. You should be ashamed for doing so.

  9. Crikey, I write some great pieces of commentary on politics and you guys don't comment. I post a video of Helen Clark falling flat on her face and you wont shut up.

    I'm going to do more Barnsley Bill type stuff.

  10. John Howard had a fall shortly before the 2007 OZ election:

    If only the same fate could befall our own dear leader.

  11. You can bet That John Key would give Clark a hand up but with the roles reversed I don't think Helen would reciprocate.

  12. She got up quickly and without the help of her goons. She must be fit. Bit sexy if you ask me, good stomach muscles in evidence, would make her good on top.

    Still there are always the drugs to help me get over my bizarre urges.

  13. John Howard's fall was unfortunate. He is a better leader than the rudderless Rudd.

  14. She leaves me wanting more

  15. It is only a bloody trip, nothing more, nothing less, get over yourself!!

  16. Yes it IS "just a trip" but it has been seen by alot of people and it has brought a complaint from Labour.

    I would like to think the 1000 odd people that have seen it on Political Animal may have played a small part in that complaint.


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