Monday, October 6, 2008

Hypocrites Unite

More hypocritical, political nonsense from Labour and Helen Clark:

Cabinet will today discuss whether Contact Energy is abusing a position of market dominance by introducing 'unjustified' price increases, Prime Minister Helen Clark says.

Helen Clark said it was a serious matter.

"It's the view of the Electricity Commission and it's certainly the view of the minister of energy that the price rise that Contact has announced, and the reasons for it, simply aren't justified,"

NZ Herald

The facts are that Labour hasn't allowed power companies to build enough generation to match supply and as a result power prices have had to go up to recover retailers like Contact Energy' costs.

To say otherwise is simply a lie and trying to gain political capital from the masses too busy to read beyond the headlines.

Don't worry though, David Parker is on the case.

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