Thursday, October 9, 2008

Labour gets dirty, again

Labour seem to be trying to stop leaks with their restrictions on shower time and water use for Kiwis coming in February but they have today leaked more pointless stuff from Labour Party plants at a National Party conference held a few months back.

In the midst of a very bad week for Labour, the country is deep in debt and a Michael Cullen managed recession, with National's tax cuts gaining good public traction, Labour slip out some more dirt collected by one of their Labour Party insiders at The Standard, Labour's Blog site.

“Winning is everything my man,” he said in the tape.  , Bill English

Hardly earth shattering stuff.

The true colours of the Labour Party certainly shine when their backs are up against the wall but if the best they can do is leak mild stuff like this to a lap dog left wing media(the hopeless Duncan Garner)then they need to dig deeper and I'm sure they will.

Labours pointless muck raking says more about them than National.

It is desperate stuff from a party that will clearly try anything to win.

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