Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sore loser Clark lacks class

When you lose anything you simply suck it up and take it like a man or half a man in Helen's case.

Helen Clark's big loss in Tuesdays debate with John Key has her bitterly attacking her worthy opponent with a torrent of vitriol, mindless name calling and school-yard baiting:

"The fact he didn't burst out crying on the set probably counted for him," she said during a Radio Live question and answer session this morning.

Today she said she was not accusing him of yelling at his family.

"What I meant was he was having a tantrum he was completely out of control trying to shout me down..."

Another reason he couldn't out shout her was that he didn't have a "voice advantage".

NZ Herald

When backed into the losing corner Clark is juvenile, insipid and clearly lacks the class to be a "good loser", the mark of a seasoned politician and a decent, honest, civil person.

She brings all these qualities to her leadership and New Zealanders deserve much better.

Like the good socialist that she is she blamed everyone else but herself.

The format, Johns voice, his inexperience, the questions and the "lack of moderation" were all to blame for her poor showing and Keys dominance.

Not her poor record in government or lack of social skills.


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