Monday, October 20, 2008

TV3, 60 Minutes, Owen Glenn Doco, Monday 20 October 2008

An interesting TV3 60 Minutes segment on Monday 20 October 2008 is the story of Owen Glenn, and some more input on donations to New Zealand First and the Labour Party and his regret at doing so.

Reporter Karen McCarthy meets the man who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to New Zealand political parties, and then regretted every cent.

This is Owen Glenn as you have never seen him before. He is having fun handing out his money, sunning himself on an exclusive Fijian Island with his gorgeous entourage and talking about his life.

Why does he want to donate so much of his wealth? How rich is he anyway? What kind of happiness does extreme money bring? And is he as lonely as he sometimes looks?

A timely reminder of how low the present caretaker Government, the Labour Party are, and just one of the scandals they have been involved in this year, the latest one being the donation for passport saga.

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  1. All reminds me of a corrupt Australian state governement. Come to think of it, that is how the Australian Constitution defines New Zealand (minus the corruption of course). I thought things were bad here, then I started reading your blog. Cheers, Tim

  2. I am ever so slightly biased Tim, I loath the moral free, loony left, especially the current crop in power in New Zealand.

    However, what I have to say isn't an exaggeration, it is happening right under our noses and Labour's supporters just don't seem to care because they are recipients of welfare and think that means the Government is "looking after them".

    We are doomed if these collectives are voted back in in November.

    The man that this doco is about gave half a million to Labour but cruelly and publicly bullied him because it was politically advantageous to them.

    Ironically, Owen Glenn comes from humble beginnings in Otara, and worked his way to becoming a wealthy man and should be an example of how Labour voters can pull themselves out of the crap. Instead he was vilified for being a "rich prick".

    How sad.


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