Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Clarks lies should bury her 4th term chances

Because Winston Peters is unlikely to get seriously dealt to (and will probably get more support from his supporters) for any of the highly corrupt things that he has done regarding donations from various sources and lobbying for those donations, the spotlight must go back on Helen Clark and her involvement in the whole saga.

We remember that she lied about her knowledge of the Glenn donations to Peters earlier this year and now we find that her involvement is central to Owen Glenn's Honorary Consul appointment to Monaco that Winston Peters was lobbying for.

The Prime Minister was so concerned about Winston Peters' lobbying for Owen Glenn to become honorary consul to Monaco that she told the Foreign Affairs Department to let her know if it happened again, the Herald understands. Audrey Young, NZ Herald

Why would Clark get involved in foreign affairs ministry business if she didn't already have knowledge of Glenn's 2005 donation to Peters?

Email evidence between ministry officials tends to pass question on Labours knowledge of Peters attempts to get a consul position for Owen Glenn:

The papers also show the ministry stone-walling Mr Peters' attempts to get Mr Glenn appointed.

The ministry official in Mr Peters' office last August, Rob Moore-Jones, wrote to deputy secretary Peter Hamilton on August 30 last year: "Peter, just to let you know that Minister had another go last night about the above [Monaco] - still a raw nerve there!" Audrey YoungNZ Herald

Still a "raw nerve" indeed. This conversation shows that ministry officials had direction from a higher office.

I would contend that the direction to stonewall came from Helen Clark's office and Owen Glenn contends that Labour and Clark knew of the lobbying and Glenn's donation to Winston Peters.

This is also in the light of Labour receiving $500,000 from Glenn and further pleas by Labour for more money this year. 

What other reason would there be stonewalling?

Yet Clark still has Winston Peters in her political clutches, being paid for not doing his job and will use him again to try and cobble together a post 2008 election government.

I would really like to see Clark put under the griller by the same "journalists" that gave Lockwood Smith a hard time over revealing facts about various new immigrants and their work practices and turned that story into one about racism.

Unfortunately we are unlikely to see ambush Inquisitions of Helen Clark from the Duncan Garners of this world simply because they want to maintain good relations so as to get access to the Prime Ministers office in the future.

Watch for more spin from Labour and "new" "leaks" about National party ministers to take the heat off.

Pass the banana, I'm all full up here.

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