Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FULL C-SPAN VIDEO: Third Presidential Debate: Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, 15 Oct 2008

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Watch the third Presidential debate, to be held at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, on Wednesday 15 October 2008 at 9pm (ET) on C-SPAN. (2.00 pm 16 October NZ Time)

It is the Full C-SPAN video of the debate. 

To see the full Presidential debate video in parts please go here.

Barack Obama appears to be well ahead of John McCain and the latter will have to give the
performance of his life to peg back Obama's lead.

Lets hope he does for all our sakes.

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  1. As is my custom, I analyzed and compared the separate parts of the participants to this debate: bubble graphs of no. and length of words and sentences, word clouds. I added a study of the number of speaking turns of each candidate too. You can find this and more at my Word Face-Off blog. Similar analyses of the previous debates are hyperlinked from there.

  2. When I first started watching these debates, I really liked McCain because I remember what a warrior he was for campaign finance reform. But as i listened to him debate Obama, he sounded like an over rehearsed typical politician that kept attacking Obama's character instead of focusing on the details of how he plans to fix our woes.
    I thought Obama stayed focused on the issues whereas McCain kept inserting his political overused rhetoric of his idea of a "typical" Democrat.
    I really liked Obama's plan for health care. Why shouldn't I pay the same for health care that those fat cat politicians give themselves. I went 5 years without health care for my family because I could not afford it. McCain....I want to know where you found health care for a family for $5,500! I am a teacher and my health care costs for my family of 3 is $783.00 per month. McCain wants to give me a credit of $5,000. What guarantee does he make me that health care costs won't keep skyrocketing? For those who lost their jobs, why would they care about a credit of $5,000?
    I also liked Obama's statement about waking up America's auto industry! What is Detroit's problem! Why have they waited until an energy crisis to start thinking about gas saving cars? Now we have to bail them out? Why have we allowed the Japanese to bring us the gas savers? Where are the brains in America's auto industry? Ok enough ranting. At least Obama will encourage Detroit to create cars that serve Americans here in OUR COUNTRY! Jobs for Americans...what a concept.
    I am all for no dependency on foreign oil. So lets invest in alternative fuels. McCain wants to turn this country into nuclear energy. Let's take the nuclear waste to his back yard. Don't want it in mine! Is Nevada big enough to hold it? In my back yard, I'd rather see wind turbines.
    Free trade?....I am for free trade agreements that are fair to the workers and consider their environment and working conditions. Free trade does not mean abuse the poor of other nations so we can benefit. Workers conditions abroad are herrendous. Cancer is rampid within their community (Mexico). Don't believe me, go visit the maquiladoras. McCain wants free trade at any cost. I liked that Obama wants fair free trade contracts with other nations. That is the way it should be.
    Who gives a crap about abortion! Why is that even an issue in this campaign. We are in financial ruin and we are talking about abortion! People are losing their jobs and cannot afford a doctor and we are talking about that? That is politics! Don't get sucked into that argument. Americans deserve more. Force the politicians to work for jobs, a better economy, campaign finance reform, health care that is affordable, a sound social security, good schools for all children, .....isn't that enough work?
    Exercise your right....vote. One by one by one. Your vote counts.
    from Texas

  3. Anon number 2, what a great considered analysis but I think you are dead wrong.

    There are far too many skeletons in Obama's closet and I just don't trust him to run the free world the way it should be run.

    His stance on free trade and taxes is pathetic and they will only hurt the US as in moves into a recession.

    You guys need lower taxes and more free trade, at times like these the opposite is going to hurt.

    As for his stance on being conciliatory towards nations who would like to see the US wiped off the face of the map, that has got to be the biggest joke I have heard for a long time.

    I wont, in New Zealand, feel safe if that pathetic socialist is in the White house.

  4. I think Barack is the man for us. It is time for a black man to lead our country.

    McCain is just too old.


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