Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Come and knock on my door

I just wonder out loud to nobody particular, if National or any other party are so desperate to get their feet on the parliamentary carpet then why haven't seen any knocking on my door?

As much as I loath most pollies, it takes balls to knock on someones door not knowing the political persuasion of the occupant or if you are a National Party campaigning in Otara, not knowing if you will get lynched.

Anyone coming to my door with their brand of politics gets my respect, Labour, NZ First, the Greens, and Labour will eventually get the bums rush they deserve but I will listen and debate, that is what politics should be all about.

If you are a political party wanting to sway swinging voters(not voters who swing) the personal touch is a very good way of making peoples minds up.

It is also cheap and doesn't breach the Electoral Finance Act if one has gone over budget.

It works for Rodney Hide in Epsom.

Im still waiting.

c Political Animal 2008

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