Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Key wipes floor with Clark in one-sided debate

The overwhelming feature of last nights John Key/Helen Clark debate was the dominance right out of the gate from John Key.

He knew he had to strike and strike first because Clark has a history of interrupting in debates and talking over opponents-simply because she lacks substance so has to gain traction by shouting and carrying on like a rabid Stalinist dog.

Clark didn't do as well as I expected her to and as a Labour supporter one would have to worry about that. Key had her worried, deeply flustered and dominated her in every question.

The main reason for weakness in Clark's arguments was her party's poor results from the last 9 years. They didn't serve her well in the debate at all and couldn't back up her rhetoric.

Key was a bit shaky in his intro speech though.

The consensus from commentators seems to be a hands down Key win as well, although watch for the left spin tomorrow to counter Johns strong performance.

The best part of the debate was when Labour's shower head policy was revealed again and which will come in next February should they get re-elected.

Clark realised it exposed Labours 9 year attack on peoples personal lives, and well, got personal and attacked Key and his home life.

If I was an undecided voter, after last nights performance I would be voting for John Key.

Viewers of the debate overwhelmingly picked Key the clear winner, 67% to Clark's 33%.

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