Sunday, October 5, 2008

A right royal poking

Stan Blanch is a quirky little cartoonist who has a position of bias against Helen Clark and her Labour Party and that is fair enough, she deserves a good poking (I wouldnt touch her with a 40 ft stack of donation money from Owen Glenn though)

In this cartoon political poking has turned to poking of a different sort, Helen Clark's lack of personal responsibility over her involvement in the Owen Glenn/Peters donation scandal and lack of consequences or serious censure for both because of Clark's lust for the top job in 2008 brings her honesty back into sharp focus and New Zealanders will be poked up the rear if she is elected for a 4th term.

Voters cannot forget that her inability to act on corrupt practices by Peters, her major supporter in Parliament, puts the trust in the potential leaders that we must have under serious question.

Vote wisely November 8 .

Its your right!

c Political Animal 2008

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