Thursday, October 23, 2008

Long-term portfolio view wins the investing battle

Carrying on from last weeks look at my Portfolio and how it is getting a pasting, I have to make a point to those that have poked their ignorant little tongues at my propensity to invest in companies for the long-term.

As many who follow the Share Investor Blog might know I follow Warren Buffett's approach to investing as much as I can; buy stocks at a price that I consider value for the long-term, in good companies that have a competitive advantage, a good track record, excellent prospects for growth and good dividends.

The bulk of my portfolio is around 6 years old, but I have added some more stocks with additional money and dividend income.

My portfolio is currently up by around 7% when tax credits are included and in my not so humble opinion, considering the pasting global stockmarkets have been getting over the last year and especially in the last month a stockmarket meltdown rivaling the 1987 crash and yet my portfolio has performed extremely well.

This is principally because I have taken a long-term view to my stockmarket investing, received healthy dividends, re-invested most of them and haven't sold and because of that it has put the portfolio in good stead during the inevitable current downturn.

Of course, short-term things could get worse but long-term you will wish you didn't sell up because I will still be there when you start buying again.

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