Thursday, October 30, 2008

Labour muckracking explodes in Helen's face

I didn't think the backlash to Labours baseless lie spread about John Key yesterday would come back to bite them so quickly but the very paper that was going to blow the lid off the story today, the NZ Herald, seems to have turned on Labour.

Leaking of documents to the Herald trawled through by Labour Party President Mike Williams in Melbourne last week were supposed to incriminate John Key in some sort of currency scam from the 1980s but the best that the Herald can do is that Key was unsure about when he left a company that he worked at more than 20 years ago when interviewed about it by the Herald last year-he was out by a few months, from his own memory, on the spot.

Within days, though, court documents proved that what would have been the campaign's most explosive allegation was wrong. The January 11 cheque was actually signed by an Australian-based executive of the firm Mr Key worked for.

Mr Key said last night he had nothing to hide and accused Labour of a smear campaign.

Prime Minister Helen Clark distanced herself, saying: "This is not a story I am handling at all." More

The curious thing to me is that the Herald seems to have set up Labour for a big fall, publishing a teaser yesterday and then pulling the rug this morning.

Helen Clark denying involvement is another lie. Mike Williams, who dug the dirt, is a close friend and in constant contact with Clark and she is informed of everything political he does.

The baseless muck racking by Labour is merely a symptom of their leaders style and it infiltrates her government and the bureaucrats that she presides over.

When cornered and on the ropes Clark always reaches for the lowest common denominator and she is true to form once again. Its desperate stuff, from a dying government.

Its time the politics of lies, cheating and corruption came to an end and this latest nonsense in a long string of filth may well bring it to an end November 2008.

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