Friday, October 24, 2008

POLL: NZ Herald Digipoll, October 24 2008

The latest New Zealand Herald Digipoll for October 24 2008 shows National still with a commanding lead ahead of Labour.  This continues the trend of big leads for National and contrast yesterdays TNS poll:

If the poll results were translated into votes, National could govern alone with 50.4 per cent of decided voters and 63 seats.

Prime Minister and Labour leader Helen Clark has improved in the preferred Prime Minister stakes, by 2.3 points, putting her fractionally ahead of National leader John Key, 45.4 per cent to 44.8 per cent. It is the first time she has been ahead since January.

Labour's 37 per cent poll figure means it would be able to muster 54 seats with the Progressives and the Greens.

The Maori Party, with four seats, would not hold the balance of power. Nor would it do so if it won all seven Maori seats but stayed on its 2.4 per cent poll rating in the party vote.

NZ Herald

It looks likely that National party will govern alone based on today's polling.

Herald Digipolls

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