Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Labours official spin on Debate dizzying

The official Labour view of last nights Key debate(Clark really didn't feature) from their blog site The Standard is that it was a "narrow victory" for Johnny boy: 

A narrow victory for Key in tonight’s TV1/Youtube debate.

A forum where he could repeat his tired slogans to his heart’s content suited him. No-one could pull him up on his lies, except Clark who, inexplicably, failed to do so. And when Clark spoke, Key just yelled his lines over the top of her.

That might come back to bite him though. Key didn’t want to repeat Brash’s mistake of appearing to treat Clark softly because she is female. Instead, he let out the nasty side in him, yelling, talking over the top. He seemed disrespectful; “I can talk over Helen for the whole debate if you let me Mark - it’s your call”, awful. That won’t play well with women (seems Tories can’t just treat women as they do men). Continued

Most commentators agree that Key came out on top of Helen, even some of the rabid left give the debate to Key, but Labour party officials are already spinning the bullshit and fairy dust, calling him a liar, saying he spoke over the top of her-he did but so did she-and calling him "nasty", she was the one who got personal about Keys home life when she was cornered for the umpteenth time.

Key had her on the ropes the whole 90 mins and even the bizarre irrelevant question from Barry Sopher about the 1981 Springbok tour was used to Keys advantage.

He was around 20 at the time, who at 20 gave a rats about the tour, I didn't because people that young generally don't, he was living a normal life at the time and Clark, who must have been approaching 30 was knee deep in flower bags and police batons-30 year olds are more politically aware!! well duh.

The TV ONE poll that ran along with the debate was also conclusive proof that the public were convinced that Key was the winner of the debate.

With nearly 50000 votes cast  Key had 67% support and Clark was on 33%. A NZ Herald poll out this morning has Key on 72% and Clark on 28%.

Labours denial of the truth here is unfortunate but nevertheless a symptom of their denial of their poor record for the last 9 years and the reason Clark lost confidence in last nights debate.

She had little positivity to back herself up.

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