Friday, July 31, 2009

Stock of the Week: Metlifecare Ltd

Metlifecare Ltd [MET.NZ] has been on my watchlist for yonks. I already own Ryman Healthcare Ltd [RYM.NZ] I love this sector and it is because of its very high historical revenue and profit growth and its similar future protects as the number of older people (especially those greedy economy sucking baby boomers) increases in very large numbers

Metlifecare has been somewhat of a poor cousin to Ryman over the last few years when it comes to its profit. It has had a couple of big asset writedowns over the last 2 years and that has lead to a punishing in its stock price.

A great opportunity.

That is why it makes my Stock of the Week this week (better late than never, I know it is the end of the week) that, and it will bounce back into profit when property prices recover.

The stock has hit a 52 week low of NZ$1.38 and a high of $4.60 but that is well off its all time high of nearly 9 bucks reached not that long ago (see chart above) so you can see the potential for a good long term and medium term gain even if today's closing share price is $2.06.

Buy on weakness, there should be some more for this stock come its profit reporting in November.

Good luck!

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