Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aren't those banks just utter Bastards

After getting some shtick recently from my bank, the ASB Albany branch, who have decided, after much arguing by my good self, that they will waive early repayment fees for a loan I made a few years back but didn't agree to any fee charged when initially taking out that loan, I came across a story today in the Nelson Mail that just made my day:

Defiant Mapua artist Roger Griffiths today made a stand against Westpac by withdrawing his $190,000 savings in $20 notes.

The bank provided a red-and-black carry bag to take away the cash after meticulously counting it in front of Mr Griffiths at its Nelson branch.

Mr Griffiths, a loyal Westpac customer for 25 years, decided to withdraw his money after the bank rejected his application for an $80,000 mortgage. "It's about time normal people took a stand."

He said the bank turned down his application because he did not have a regular income as an artist. However, he was a successful artist, exhibiting his paintings at the World of Wearable Art complex, in Christchurch and New York, he said. (Go here for rest of story)

Roger has got it right, you have to fight these bastards because they will walk all over you if you don't.

Incidentally, most good lenders would have lent him the money, and so would I, based on the record with his bank alone. After all, we all remember that Westpac is the bank that will give away millions without any double checking your ability to pay your debts.

My loan payment dispute with ASB has not been rectified to my satisfaction because they have time limited their offer to July 31 and they were not the terms of my original loan.

The fact that they have offered to waive the fees though means I can use that offer against them when I take them to the disputes tribunal.

Fight your bank if you think they are wrong, if you don't get what you want, at least you tried and you might have some fun, like I have had, giving them a hard time.

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