Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long VS Short: Ryman Healthcare Ltd

In this ninth installment of the Long vs Short series I am once again going to take look at the chart comparisons for a stock from the Share Investor Portfolio and compare the 10 year return (above chart) to the turmoil of the last year with a 1 year return chart 

In this series I want to show the merits of investing, using charts, for the long-term vs short term gains or losses. I will use the longest available data to me for the long-term view (10 years )and will make a comparison against the NZX50.

In this installment of Long vs Short I will look at Ryman Healthcare [RYM.NZ].

I currently hold 5000 Ryman Healthcare shares in the Share Investor Portfolio which I have owned since November 2006. (see small chart below for detail)

The company has been a very good performer with great returns and is still doing well under current tough economic conditions.

In my 2.5 years of owning this share my return has been a loss of around 17.5%. This includes dividends and tax credits.

If I had bought this share just a year ago my return would have been a 35% loss.

Now for the real point of this comparison lets look at the return for Ryman Healthcare shareholders who have held the stock for 10 years. 

From a high of a 450% return at the end of 2007 the 10 year return as of writing is still around 180%. All those dividends plus tax credits and time has given the long termers another win.

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