Sunday, July 12, 2009

Morgan Dunne-Powell ready for Kristin's 60 Minutes media blitz

I had a couple of threatening emails (I will get my lawyer on to you sort of thing) from Kristin Dunne-Powell's husband, Morgan Powell the other day about a couple of opinion pieces 1 2 that I wrote a few months back and I wasn't going to write about them or post them until I caught an advert on TV3 today on an upcoming 60 Minutes interview to be aired Monday 13 July at 7.30pm, where she apparently "tells the real story" or whatever that means, about what went on with her and Tony Veitch.

Morgan himself alluded in his first email to wanting to spare Veitch any further mental anguish

"The charges were not dropped my wife agreed to a plea bargain to end what had become senseless and to spare Mr Veitch any further mental deterioration".  

He alluded to protecting Veitch again in his second email to me.

"My wife has always been very concerned and mindful of Mr Veitch's mental health, and I have always been very mindful of hers."

"As for Veitch's attempts (at suicide) that is not a new pattern for him, and the reason my wife stayed with him all along.  He needs help, and we hope he gets it".  

So I get it, Morgan didn't want to drag everyone, especially Veitch, through the mud again and I accepted that, so I wasn't going to write anything further.

The 60 Minutes interview tomorrow changes everything.
If he and his wife cared about anyone, including his wife, they wouldn't now be dragging it all through the media once again.

They have done it before and just about drove a man to suicide and now it appears they are going to have another go at him.

I didn't reply to Morgan's second email but if I did I would have said just put it behind you mate and get on with life and let Veitch try and get on with his.

Apparently they just won't let it go.

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  1. Let's be clear and let us remember - Mr Veitch's suicide bid was because his physical assault on Ms Dunne-Powell was MADE PUBLIC. Not because he was distraught with remorse and regret.

    To blame his attempted suicide on Ms Dunne-Powell further victimises her.

    Utter cowardice blogger.

  2. I agree with S Wainright and how is this Politics????

  3. S Wainwright and IcWench, I am entitled to my opinion and that is what this is. To say you care for someone's mental health while at the same time jeopardizing it by continually muck raking is hard to come to terms with.

    This is notwithstanding that assaulting anyone is not a bright thing to do.

    Veitch's decision to try and take his own life was his own choice and you are right there but to make claims that you care about someone and then in your actions somewhat defy those claims seems to be just a continuation of the attention seeking that the Dunne-Powell team have become famous for, rather than genuine caring.

    The element of revenge by media also taints this whole process.

    I must repeat Veitch has done wrong, but do 2 wrongs make a right?

    I don't think so.

  4. Oh, sorry ICwench, this kind of issue always has politics surrounding it, but in this case I am really talking of the politics of it apart form the case itself and it is clear the two parties are both playing politics.

    Footnote, this blog ain't just political either, have a good look around.

  5. Kristin is a classic attention seeker. Looks like she is using this media push to start her new career.

    I used to feel sorry for her but those feelings have now passed.

    Stop digging Kirsten, we have had enough.

  6. Evan, thanks but not needed. It looks like the Dunny-Powells have called the dogs off


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