Thursday, March 6, 2008

Warren Buffett is number one with a bullet

I have been obsessed with Warren Buffett and Auckland Airport this last week and it appears readers of this blog have been as well. Record numbers have visited.

Welcome to my many new readers and I hope you stay awhile.

In the wake of Buffett's letter being released last Friday, the biggest financial subject googled has been "Warren Buffett's letter to stockholders".
Warren Buffett makes it to the number one spot as the world's
wealthiest man and the most googled financial subject, all in the
same week.

The momentum continues as the Forbes Rich List came out today and news that Buffett hit the top of the list for the first time.

The indication for me about the frenzy over what the Sage of Omaha has to say during the last week is that people are looking to him for reassurance over where the economy and markets may be heading over the short to medium term.


I'm not sure even he knows but the uncertainty is certainly taking its toll on investors.

In the wake of all this interest, I have started a new website Everything Warren Buffett, where you can check out his portfolio, look at all his letters, view video and audio and get some great investment tips from the great man.

Auckland International Airport

NZ Herald-The Battle for the Airport

There has also been a great deal of interest from overseas about the Auckland Airport Saga. Brokers and those in the financial industry are watching what is happening closely, and I'm sure, given the recent government interventions, they are not liking what they are reading.

It seems that particular story isn't over yet, with murmurs of legal action against the Labour government.

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