Friday, March 28, 2008

Fitna the Movie: Dutch Politician's film about the Quran

What is with the Dutch and their wish to end their lives by abusing the great Allah?

A controversial movie? not sure about that. If one tells it like it is how can the film be controversial, isn't it more like the subject matter that critics should be more upset about?

That is, the Muslim religion is violent,abusive, murderous and has expansion on its mind, at any cost.

These sorts of "events" tend to galvanise people on one side or the other but they do serve to do two good things. To tell the truth, and get people talking about the "muslim issue".

Very important considering the Jihad that the West has out on it and the appeasement by our local politicians in this country to some of the creeping Islamic cultural demands that New Zealand Muslims have their hands out for.

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  1. bullshit, you and people are against islam because u need a excuse to do anything , like being gay or fucking your own sister.


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