Sunday, March 9, 2008

Auckland Electoral Finance Act protest 2008

Bob Clarke, WW2 Hero.

I shook this mans hand, Colonel Bob Clarke, a Veteran of WW2. He had large calloused old hands but it was a reasonably firm shake.

I thanked Bob for his efforts more than 60 years ago, to fight and possibly die for my right to freedom of speech. I was truly humbled in his presence.

He was too frail to march down
Queen Street, but he was there at Britomart to listen to John Boscawen and others fight against the anti democratic and anti free speech Electoral Finance Act.

Part of the 500 strong protest down Auckland's Queen St today in protest
over the anti free speech Electoral Finance Act.

Well, there was a small group of around 500 protesters who silently marched up the main Street of Auckland to protest this act.

I only heard about it myself on Thursday so it was a bit of a push for me to get there myself but myself and my good wife did.

No politicians were invited, but Jackie Blue, a Minister from the National party opposition was there at the front. Big balls Jackie! Shame your leader was too gutless to come down.

The march took about 20 mins to finish and there were speeches at Britomart when the crowd assembled with their placards and tape across their mouths, symbolising the right to free speech that the Electoral Finance act has now taken away.

Your's truly strangely quiet for a change. My
wife loved it!

Once again John Boscawen should be given much thanks for his efforts. He is organising more protests in the coming weeks all around the country.

The next march will be in Winston "Baubles" Peter's former seat, the sunny seaside
village of Tauranga. I will keep you all informed here about times and details.

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