Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clark's push for Neo Muldoonism deja vu all over again

News out last week that a so-called "anti-obesity" bill put forward by the dangerous, corrupt, carbon footprint waving, anti-free speech, private property/business hating, and tofu munching socialists, the New Zealand Labour party has this correspondent jumping for joy, in a cynical sarcastic, toxic sort of way.

A Labour supporter at last Sunday's Electoral Finance Act protest will have too keep his mouth shut if he is a "junk food"
eater. Labour wants to tax it.

The bill seems to be at the peak of Labour's desires to control the New Zealand populous, as it will restrict, at a whim, by the PC Director of Health or Cabinet, to prescribe what we should be eating.

That means supermarkets could be asked to put the Moro bars under lock and key, the chips behind plate glass and the ice cream in a room where only thin people can buy it with a license and photo ID.

I have joked about this for years, but here is the unfunny part, it looks set to actually happen.

No "junk" food for those of us, like me, who love it.

I mean, give me a motherfucking break, who do these vermin think they are?

Like Micheal Cullen's attack on private owners of Auckland International Airport last week, why the hell don't you just buy the Airport or open state run supermarkets yourself oh great leader?

While you are at it why don't you follow Cullen's lead, as Mugabe followed his lead last week, and nationise all private companies.

We could get around high prices buy opening state run gas stations, real estate agencies, banks, gyms, brothels, travel agencies and corner dairies. They could all be as successful as our hospitals, education system, police force and parliament.

Hang on a second perhaps that is not such a good idea.

Imagine the shortages, red tape, long queues and jobs for the boys.

Get the point people!

The state, let alone the stooges at the head of the Labour party couldn't run a bath, let alone the additional government departments the great leader obviously wants us to have.

Why not have everyone working for the government, at least then we can go back to a simpler gentler time, when everyone was happy and we all held hands and sung kombaya around a spluttering State funded fire.

Helen Clark's wish to follow a Neo Muldonism, and reconstruct New Zealand the way it was in Robert Muldoon's time is a scary thought, but that is where we are heading.

Muldoon knew in 1983-84 that he was going to find the 1984 election a tough one and he plundered every resource at his disposal to enable him to control almost every aspect of New Zealand life.

He nationalised everything he could, controlled the economy with an iron fist and spent so much money in his tenure at the top and buying that election that NZ INC was broke when the new Labour government of the day came into office and looked at the books.

One Roger Douglas was the architect in that Labour governments resurrection of the country and economy as he embarked on a radical plan that transformed our country and economy almost overnight.

It seems to be deja vu all over again in 2008. Helen Clark has the platinum taxpayer credit card in her hand and she is going to go well over the limit to buy your vote with your money.

In a time warp back to, 1984 Sir Roger Douglas is going to take a position in the Act Party, his first foray into politics in over 20 years and this time he is on the opposite side to her former party mates Clark and Cullen et al.

It seems to be a case of a perfect storm of politics crashing against a crumbling economy and an out of control bunch of power drunk socialists who will say, do and spend anything to retain their naked lust for power.

The addition this year of a recession and a possible deep recession at that makes the likelihood of a repeat of the class of 1984 almost a certainty.


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