Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rod Duke's Pumpkin Patch gets bigger

Further to my idle speculation about who it was who bought the 6 million shares in Pumpkin Patch Ltd [PPL.NZ] yesterday. I clearly got it wrong, Jan Cameron, ex Kathmandu and Carmel Fisher, from Fisher Funds were not buyers.

Who would have thought, Rod Duke, the owner of listed retailer Briscoe Group Ltd [BGR.NZ], picked up enough shares to take his total holding to 8.4 % of the company. He wont rule out buying more in the future.

He bought his shares as a personal holding not linked to Briscoes and sees the company one of the best in the game at what they do. I would have to agree of course.

It is good to see one of our leading retailers recognising quality and getting in behind this Kiwi icon with his big fat wallet.

As a matter of interest, there was some moving of the deck chairs at Fisher Funds. Their PPL holdings since 24.01.08 were transferred to other holders or nominees on and off market and they purchased 430,000 shares since that same date up until 21.o2.08. The share price at that time was substantially higher than the last weeks 1.50-1.62 range.

Clearly, given global market conditions, the share price has still got room to move.


Disclosure I own PPL in the Share Investor Portfolio.

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