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Burger Fuel results and commentary

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Once again Burger Fuel came out on top for Google search results on Share Investor today, so you might have been looking for the profit result that they posted today(see below story for detail)

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But no free lunch, or dividends yet
For BFW shareholders.
Not happy reading but it is early days yet of course.

One of the biggest reasons for the $1.9 million loss for the last 6 months was the 900 thousand odd spent on an IPO to raise a measly 8 million bucks, which management still has just under half of it in the bank left.

Having the $1.9 million "combined" loss stated at the bottom of the announcement isn't a good indicator for clear disclosure in the future.

The headline figure should be $1.9 million, not $1.3 million because the company is incurring the cost of the IPO regardless of management differentiating "pre" and "post" float numbers right at the bottom of the press release.

The announcement is titled as a 6 month result and last time I looked at my own personal accounts I had to take into account all figures positive or negative, even though I might have wanted to ignore any overdrafts.

According to their own figures the company's "one-off" costs of the IPO and a store opening in Sydney sent the loss higher than expected.

All that cash in the bank is very tempting but not much considering the level of expansion the small company seek in the next financial year, 4 more stores.

The positive news is that same stores sales were up 4% and that really is the only meaningful figure to comment on as we don't have a previous year revenue figure on hand for a comparison.

Josef Roberts should have some pause for optimism considering the same store figures on which Burger Fuel, as the Franchisor, reaps royalties from individual store sales.

Shares were up 4c to 64c on less than $700 volume.

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Burger Fuel results and commentary

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REL: 1419 HRS Burger Fuel Worldwide Limited

HALFYR: BFW: Burger Fuel Worldwide Ltd Preliminary Half Year Results

Burger Fuel Worldwide Limited

Results for announcement to the market

Reporting Period 3 and a half months to 30 September 2007
Previous Half-year Reporting Period N/A

Amount (000's) Percentage change
Revenue from ordinary activities 1,400
Profit (loss) from ordinary activities after tax attributable to security
holders (1,355)
Net profit (loss) attributable to security holder (1,355)

Interim/Final Dividend Amount per security Imputed amount
per security

Record Date -
Dividend Payment Date -

Comments: See attached Directors commentary and following

To be followed by the balance of the information required in the report
pursuant to Appendix 1.


The directors of BurgerFuel Worldwide Limited (BFW) today reported an
un-audited loss of $1.35 million for the three-and-a-half month period to 30
September 2007, of which $991,000 represented costs associated with the
company's Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Of the remaining loss, the amount of $203,000 related to BFW's investment in
Australia, where the company opened its Kings Cross store on 7 October 2007.

BFW results for period 14 June to 30 September 2007


Operating Revenue 1,400

Operating Expenses * (2,755)
Loss (1,355)

* includes $991,000 of non-recurring costs associated with the IPO.

Directors say the loss is in line with the Boards' expectations after costs
associated with the IPO, as outlined in the company's prospectus.

They say continued losses of $50,000 per month are anticipated, but expect
these will progressively reduce as additional stores are opened.

Four additional BurgerFuel stores have opened since the incorporation of BFW
on June 14, one of which is company-owned. Total stores now number 24, of
which two are in Sydney, Australia. Of the 24 stores two are company owned
and the remaining 22 are franchised.

A further four new BurgerFuel stores are planned to open in this financial
year, at sites currently under negotiation.

BFW has four main areas of revenue: up-front franchise fees, on-going royalty
fees, sales of certain proprietary goods and store income from company-owned

System sales up 40%

For the 6 month period 1 April to 30 September 2007 (which included
pre-listing trading)

BurgerFuel's total system sales for all stores, from which BFW derived
franchise royalties were up 40% from $7.8 million to $10.9 million compared
with the previous corresponding period. Comparative results for same store
sales for the 6 month period were up 4%.

Following the company's NZAX listing, management has been firmly focused on
new store development and continued sales improvements and that in accordance
with the prospectus, BFW will continue to invest and expand the chain in New
Zealand as well as other potential markets.

To obtain an understanding of the overall consolidated trading results of the
BurgerFuel group of companies pre and post IPO for the 6 month period to 30
September 2007 the results are set out below:

Combined results pre and post IPO for the 6 month period, 1 April to 30
September 2007


Revenue 2,336
Expenses * (4,284)
Loss (1,948)

* These results include non-recurring expenses of $1,321,000 for the

A further amount of $298,000 relates to the costs associated with entry into

BFW was incorporated on June 14, 2007. It raised $8M in its IPO. Funds have
been used for IPO costs, repayment of all loans and further capital
investment, such as the Kings Cross store.

BFW's cash reserves as at 30 September were $3,987,000. The company has no

For further information contact:

Josef Roberts

021 444-786

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