Thursday, October 13, 2011

Share Price Alert: Fletcher Building Ltd 3

Fletcher Building Ltd [FBU.NZX] came out with a profit downgrade yesterday for the coming 2012 first half year, down by around 10% on the 2011 year interim result. The stock was down by over 12% and at one stage down by nearly 14%. It finished down 98c to close at $6.92.

This of course provides more opportunities for investors as the market assesses the constantly changing timeline for the Christchurch rebuild but I don't think FBU it is near its lows because the property cycle isn't at bottom yet - and the Christchurch rebuild has and will contribute to that cycle - before it begins its climb to the next peak. Christchurch staying still is a big influence for the medium term and if doesn't FBU could be alot lower 12 months from now.

If the shakes stop soon the late part of 2012 to 2013-2014 and onwards for 10 years will mean good things for the company as rebuilding takes place.

For the wider building sector, outside the Christchurch earthquake rebuild, in New Zealand and other markets that FBU does business in, the recovery of the building sector looks well off and uncertain and FBU management have confirmed this.

It looks reasonably negative currently, with demand for their services and products outside of the company and its control. The only negative from the company's point of view are the reasonable debt levels they carry which should be paid down in these uncertain times given the market as a whole and its fear of the debt bogeyman.

Given all this uncertainty, the share price will be impacted, so investors wanting a share of this company should bide their time, research and most of all be patient.

Keep the cash handy and buy on further weakness.

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