Thursday, June 23, 2011

Allan Hubbard Saga: Victims Share Stories

I was motivated to write this post because of an email that touched me the other day about a victim of alleged fraudster Allan Hubbard who has lost a considerable amount of money. They are elderly, around Mr & Mrs Hubbards age, and have lost a considerable amount of their life savings. Their lives have been irrevocably changed, they are frightened for their future and are in deep despair over what Mr Hubbard's actions have done to them.

They trusted this man and have been robbed of what is left of their future.

This is not the only contact that I have had with victims of Mr Hubbard and his various financial collapses over the last year that I have been writing about this subject. There have been countless cases brought to my attention and it is about time we heard from some of them.

There has been far too much written about Mr Hubbard and his "plight" so it is about time we even the score on that count.

With that in mind I would like investors that have been burnt by any aspect of Mr Hubbard's collapsed business empire to contact me and we can tell your story here for others to read.

Contact me at or leave a post with your story below this column.

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  1. Great post Darren :)

  2. I never liked the whole 'look at what a humble Christian I am' marketing spiel from Hubbard. It was clearly very effective. He even seemed to believe it himself.

  3. Anon, do you think the virulent supporters are largely "christian" folk?

  4. I have had a fair share of abuse though the email this week. Here is one that sums up most of them. His email address is at the top.
    date Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 3:54 PM

    hide details 3:54 PM (12 minutes ago)

    I'm not a fan of Alan hubbard by any stretch, but you my friend are a nasty prick, what has the man done to you personally ..............................left you bankrupt, seems not ..................................Are you an Auck or do you get your jollies from attacking Tall poppies ...............................there's a lot worse than Alan hubbard out there in the world of NZ business.So stop behaving like a prize dick and let him be. Gregh

  5. I must respond to Greg. Greg, yep, he has cost every taxpayer roughly $800 per head through the rescue of SCF and he has cost the lives of others who have individually lost money. People have ended their lives because they have lost their life savings due to Allan's dodgy business practices. You are right, he is not a saint.

  6. Gregh please leave auckland out of this


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