Friday, June 3, 2011

What Was I Thinking: A Memoir - By Paul Henry

Paul Henry has a new book out just to pee off all those who swept him under the carpet. It sound like a blast.

From the man whose outrageous comments on TV divided the country, and almost caused an international incident, comes this very funny memoir. Packed with stories from his eventful childhood and his long and adventurous career in journalism, this is a gripping, often hilarious and always entertaining read. It gives a fascinating insight into the complex character of Paul Henry. 'He's surprising - he doesn't subscribe to any expected set of beliefs, he's an individual with contradictory opinions.' 'He's bold - he set himself up as an international news correspondent working out of his Masterton lounge, watching CNN and jetting off to the latest hotspot. He's talked himself into getting interviews with people as diverse as Peter Ustinov and the Prime Minister of Malaysia; he was there for the funerals of Diana and Mother Theresa; he's been thrown into jail in Iraq.' 'He's versatile - starting with drama school, then broadcasting at the BBC, head of Radio NZ, standing for parliament against Georgina Beyer, international correspondent - as well as protesting at Mururoa and running an antique shop and his own radio station.' 'He's entertaining - a natural-born story teller who spins a great yarn, and who says, 'I'll apologise for hurting people's feelings but I'll never apologise for being outrageous.'

About the Author

Paul Henry was the host of TV One's popular Breakfast show until late 2010 when he resigned following outrageous comments about the NZ Governor General and the Delhi Chief Minister.

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What Was I Thinking: A Memoir, by Paul Henry
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