Friday, June 10, 2011

Darren Hughes Saga: Lies and Cover-ups

Who believes Darren Hughes is squeaky clean over his late night, drunken, naked tryst with a young boy? Something unlawful cannot be proven but this incident DID happen, and it is at the very least grubby and untoward of somebody who might some day be representing others as a politician.

Most of us knew where there was smoke there was fire except the deluded, false, moral free left, who are backing him to the hilt. The victim of Hughes affections, the young boy he put the hard word on, has been labeled as a liar and a person not to be trusted. This accusation is one that fits Hughes, not the young boy.

So Mr Hughes has been lying from the beginning over this incident and as the police are not able to prove anything illegal happened Hughes has taken that as vindication of his innocence and in a statement 2 days ago pointed the finger at the boy.

The public must remember he has a history of drunkenness and loose behavior and the incident with this young lad, while not illegal, has vicious shades of influence from an older experienced man who the victim looked up to and if the victim was female there just may have been a different outcome from the police investigation.

I wonder if the complainant might like to undertake a private prosecution or at the very least do some sort of media assault?

Darren needs to come clean about what happened before it comes out some other way. It was a filthy, nasty night that ended in one persons reputation being ruined and another backpedaling as fast as he can to cover his well padded arse.

Darren Hughes @ Political Animal

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  1. If you must publish your views I guess we have a choice not to read such crap .But I find your comments totally offensive,and hateful..Why do you find it necessary to attack Mr Hughes ??whats your real motive??? homophobia?hatred?jealousy? all of the above..and as for calling a 18 year old a young boy ??? are you a dolt ??
    Rickard,in my opinion you are an ignorant self serving perpetrator of hatefull gutter press...

  2. Indeed, you are not compelled to read but yet you have (AND commented too!) so I must retort.

    I am not attacking Mr Hughes, just stating some facts about the case as they are.

    I haven't made any derogatory comments about the fact that Mr Hughes bats for the same side, except to say he hasn't been honest about being a homo.

    Jealous, hardly, this individual has been involved in a sordid perverse little drunken night out and blames the victim rather than where the blame lies, with himself.

    You seem to forget the victim here was seen screaming at the top of his lungs, naked except for his hair, in the early morning hours running down a street away from Mr Hughes after unwanted sexual advances.

    Grow up and have some sympathy for this young teenage boy. He not only had this nasty little thing happen to him by an individual twice his age but now has to suffer the slings and arrows of knuckle dragging lefties like yourself.


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