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Allan Hubbard Saga: Still Feral After All These Years

Allan Hubbard Saga: Does death mean the End?

Nothing much has happened in the long running and long winded Allan Hubbard Saga since the sixth Grant Thornton Report in March. Allan and his lawyers have stalled for time and got it and the serious Fraud Office has still yet to decide whether they will place fraud charges on the old bugger.

I have however received an interesting communication from Paul Carruthers, the former unofficial spokesman for the group supporting Hubbard while at the same time going to bat for those who lost money because of Allan. Not sure how he did justice to both causes considering he was acting on the behalf of both but that is just me thinking out loud again.

The communication from Mr Carruthers was blunt, threatening and to the point and while he has a penchant for doing this to people who disagree with him to the point they are now ignoring him I would just like to give him one more public appearance so those that are fooled by his mild mannered public persona are not taken in by his hollywood act.

What follows is Paul's email to me, unedited and mostly fabricated in content save that I have written about him and his group in the distant past in response to his public appearances and comments over Mr Hubbard:

fromPaul Carruthers *******
dateWed, May 18, 2011 at 9:02 AM
subjectCease and desist - final warning.


You have until Sunday to remove your comments about me from your "Allan Hubbard" and "Put Allan Hubbard Away" pages, as well as every article and comment you have written which contains any reference to me from your website.

While Allan's lawyers are preparing a case against you for the two Facebook pages mentioned above, I am only interested in the comments you have made about me contained within them.

Since you started your crusade against me, I have been saving copies of everything you do, and the list of evidence my lawyer is now in possession of amounts to 157 pages of information, demonstrating clearly that you have a psychotic, unhealthy and disturbing obsession with me.

I have witness statements verifying that you have stalked me on the internet and made various efforts to breach my privacy.

I have written testimony from a computer forensics expert, linking you to Facebook profiles and emails you have sent, which amount to harassment and invasion of my privacy.

My lawyer has just received a report I commissioned last week from a court-appointed clinical psychologist, who I contracted to do an assessment of the body of evidence we have collected about you, including the references you have made to me in your articles.

The report describes you as being mentally disturbed and a potential danger to society.

I agree with it's findings wholeheartedly.

If other people are willing to put up with your abuse, that is their problem, but I will not tolerate it.

With that in mind, the following will occur if all of the information I have asked you to remove from the internet is not completely removed by the end of this week.

1: The Police Complaint against you for harassment and the corresponding restraining order my lawyer is holding on to will be hand delivered to Auckland Police on Monday 23rd May 2011, and the restraining order will be obtained from the courts by Monday lunchtime and served on you by the Police.

2: My lawyer will courier the psychologists report, along with all 157 pages of PDF evidence showing your "work", along with a corresponding letter from my lawyer, to CYF. A robust application will be made to remove your child from your custody on the basis that you are a danger to the child and a danger to society.

3: An application will be made to the courts to have you detained in a psychiatric institution under the mental health act for threatening to cut my tongue out (PDF copies will be provided).

4: An application will be made to your internet service provider to suspend your account and remove your website from the internet, due to the abuse and threats you have issued through it.

5: A press statement declaring that these steps have been taken to protect me against you will be released to the media by 5pm Monday 23rd May 2011, after steps 1 to 4 are completed. Among the recipients of the press statement will be the specific women's magazines that ran the story of your surrogacy. They will be asked to comment on your progress.

Because I am a fair and reasonable man, I am giving you the opportunity to prevent all of this by removing the abuse you have posted about me from Facebook and from your website.

If you do no comply with my request - make no mistake about it - the steps outlined above will be taken and I will pursue the matter until you are detained or at least until you are required to defend your position in court.

All of the aforementioned evidence is now in my lawyers hands, and she is awaiting my further instructions. She already has written instructions to proceed as stated above, once I give the final word on Sunday night.

You can save both of us time, money, and stress by just removing any references you have made about me from the internet Darren.

If you do not do that within the time frame I have requested, life as you know it will change forever by Monday evening next week, believe me.

You have until Sunday to decide. No need to contact me - I will be monitoring it, and I will see if you remove it or not.

If it is still there (any of it) by Sunday evening - when we finally meet it will be in a court room, for the purposes of having your child removed from you for it's protection and for the purposes of having you committed.

If you think I am joking - do nothing and learn the hard way.

Paul Carruthers.

I will leave it for readers to decide what they think but I think Paul's comments really speak for themselves, don't you?

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