Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Restaurant Brands share price looking overcooked

Restaurant Brands Ltd [RBD.NZX] shares reached an all time high last week when it hit a price of $2.76 on Friday. The previous high of around $2.70 was reached shortly after listing back in 1997.

The market has had a typical response to this stock. It has always overreacted to bad news and with its run over good news over the last year has done the same again.

Long term investors are in the box seat but if you are here for the fast food equivalent of an investing drive through the share price is getting a little overcooked and you might well be cautious and start thinking about setting an escape price.

If you think CEO Russel Creedy can keep up the good work consistently though, the share price might be just an incidental along the way to far greater things.

No secret recipe, just an obvious market observation.

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