Monday, November 8, 2010

Allan Hubbard Saga: Paul Carruthers Goes Feral... Again

Head of the Allan Hubbard Supporters Group, Paul Carruthers, has been busy sending out emails about me to his loyal followers. Of course he is entitled to do that, I have been giving his hero Allan Hubbard a bit of shtick over his shell games with other people's moola so he will have strong opinions about me. Bring it on I say but at least be honest and attack the message rather than the messenger.

Paul's Email, not publicly released, leaked to me by a fan of mine:

Update for investors & supporters - the lies just keep getting bigger.....

Hello everyone,

As some of you know, Allan's autobiography is hitting the bookstores this week.

Darren Rickard - Allan's self-appointed public executioner, has referred to it in his latest call for his version of Sharia law to apply to Allan and his supporters.

His article can be viewed here:

As you can see - he has started by trying to convince people that Allan's supporters somehow managed to convince Random House and an author in the United States (Virginia Green) to write this book quickly since 20th June.

It was pointed out to me last night that Darren Rickard is being paid to drum up this kind of rubbish, but either way, it has to be one of the more desperate attempts to twist the facts to suit his 'story' that I have seen him come up with yet.

Sadly, the fact that Darren Rickard is allowed into the community is a consequence of the government's cuts to mental health funding.


Paul Carruthers.
Stand by Hubbard
Support Team

My reply to Paul & his supporters:

I know most of his supporters read what I have to say so lets just get things straight.

1: The Book, tentatively titled, Allan Hubbard: The Life & Times of a Kiwi Legend, By Virginia Green, which you can buy from me here, (As a taxpayer I have to get my money back somehow and how delicious it will be to do that by selling this book) is not coming out this week, it will be released on Novemeber 15.

2: The book is a Biography, not an Autobiography. It has been written by Virginia Green and not Allan Hubbard.

3: I am not getting paid for this but I will be getting a free copy of the book to review from publisher Random House, so that is a clear lie but Mr Carruthers has a history of being adept at lying. These are merely my opinions based on the facts as I see them.

4: I have had minor mental health problems in the distant past, as many of us have, and I will let readers decide if I am mentally impaired or otherwise. I know some interesting things about Mr Carruther's personal life but I do not think it is my place to divulge them here or relevant to do so.

5: I never intimated the whole book was rushed but the last 2 chapters have been because they include the whole saga over Mr Hubbard's collapsed business empire. This is one reason why the book has been delayed for 10 days.

6: Sharia Law I would normally be disdainful of but the punishment for lying is the cutting out of the tongue but clearly Mr Carruthers still has his fingers so cant be stopped from writing rubbish like the above but the former nonetheless is still worth considering.

Should I have ignored this? Probably, but you Hubbard supporters and my dear readers need to know where this individual is coming from.

Cheers Deepthroat, Darren

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  1. Good on ya Daz. These guys appear to have mouths engaged before brains.

  2. Keep fighting the good fight, haha.

    Paul Carruthers is kind of disgusting and awful. So many threats!

  3. Thanks guys, He is doing my job better than me.

    He really makes the Hubbard supporters stance look amateur and pre-school playground like in its execution and central message.

  4. If you want to know more about Paul's background I can fill you in via email...

  5. Carruthers is considered by many to be mentally unstable, one day nice as pie, next day despicable abusing and cursing others, including the media who will not print his thoughts of the hour (rubbish). Just Ask the Timaru Herald, NZ Herald, or NBR for their views on him.

  6. Yeah the Timaru Herald have asked me about him and I have been given his background by another individual but that is not really relevant here.

    All I care about are the facts and Paul is so far separated from them it is not funny.

    He is trying every available media outlet with his press releases and on his hands and knees for interviews but few are willing to listen anymore except Mediaworks and National Radio.

    Most can now see through him.

  7. Mr Rickard,

    How much are you getting paid to do this?

  8. I am going to wait for the court case to make my final judgment on old Hubbard but the facts I have seen it doesn't look good for the old bugger.

  9. I read the Support Alan Hubbard Facebook page for a bit of a laugh. "Who's paying you to do this?" Yes, because the government is going to pay some blogger with limited readership to counter fanciful claims on a little-read Facebook page! This people live in lala-land and are deluded about their own importance. They seem like total amateurs and make Hubbard look worse than he probably is with all their conspiracy babble.

  10. And, both knowing nothing about Paul Carruthers and having no vested in interest in him either way, he comes across as a loose unit.

  11. Anon,while this blog is not widely read, it has been getting 12000 visits a month consistently for the 1st six months and has already topped that for November.

    It is also read by many business leaders and those that I comment on.

  12. Darren, I didn't mean that as an insult. I was trying to express how ridiculous the Allan Hubbard supporter's claims that you are being paid to write against Hubbard are.


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