Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Allan Hubbard Saga: Going Feral - Part 2

Every good saga deserves a sequel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Godfather, you get the idea.

Well this is the sequel to yesterdays first installment Paul Carruthers Goes Feral...Again.

Yesterday I was the main character who was taking moola from some mysterious benefactor to write my opinions on the Allan Hubbard Saga. Today though in Going Feral - Part 2, along with the payola implications are stories that I am a terrorist out to get my prey and there is a mysterious Russian after me.

I cant wait for part 3, Going Feral: The Wrath of Carruthers?

It is not a full moon, as far as I know, and neither is it a date with 3 sixes in it but I received an interesting reply this morning to a facebook exchange on an Allan Hubbard supporters page from one of the main ring leaders of the support group, Michelle Helliwell. She looks to be Paul Carruthers - the head spokesman for Allan Hubbard - right hand woman and seems to be taking her lead from him in terms of his feral like public relations style.

Of course little of what Michelle says below is even moderately close to any truth and some of it is indeed more than slightly paranoid, threatening and even a little creepy.

I mean, Russians under the bed somewhere ready to make a move on me.? Well, it would be an exciting escape from changing nappies on my 15 month old but I will stick to the crap from an infant rather than that hurled at me from a big grownup thanks very much mam.

On Allan Hubbard and his fate, there is a 5th Grant Thornton report due out at the end of November related to the statutory management of multiple failed Hubbard investment vehicles and a Serious Fraud investigation into the collapsed South Canterbury Finance, that lost almost $2 billion and was bailed out by the taxpayer.

The SFO investigation will be a long one as paperwork and crucial records are either missing or were not there from the get go and the complicated related inter-party lending on top of this makes for a mess only equaled by Mr Hubbard's fraudulent behavior.

We should see some information dribble out from the SFO case before Christmas.

Stay tuned!

Michelle Helliwell

It has come to our attention that you are responsible for the hateful Allan Hubbard page. You are a toxic terrorist on the support pages... and you are not welcome. Please go away.

On a positive note, I will thank you for making it so ob...vious internationally how much you hate Allan Hubbard (for no good reason other than Darren Rickard being on 'you know who' payroll). The battle between 'good' and 'evil' is becoming increasingly obvious.

Your attempts to slash Allans credibility in NZ has drawn attention from thousands that know Allan Hubbard internationally and you have made it so obvious how abhorrent you are by your bile.

Your attacks against Allan Hubbard are, and always have been, unjustifiably vicious. Your refusal to show your face in person is cowardly. You rip up the reputation of a man who doesn't own a computer on the internet... not very brave!

Allan Hubbard is incapable of dishonesty or fraud like no other person you have EVER met. Only an idiot would say otherwise. Your posts are imagination. Nearly all respect him and most love him.

By the way, I was asked about you in Auckland last weekend Darren. You have made a most unpopular impression on a certain Russian. We all suggest you voluntarily leave this page.

God bless, and goodbye.

Michelle Helliwell

Michelle, if you could give me Allan's contact details, I would only be too glad to let him have his say right here on this blog. It is an open invitation with no restrictions on what he wants to say.

A question and answer session would give him a right of reply to some of the things I and others have been writing about him.

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  1. "Weird" does not begin to describe them. Time for the cult to start mixing the Kool-Aid me thinks.

  2. I have had some interesting conversations with some of their supporters.

    Most are in denial or worse but one in particular is very nice.

    Those that have lost money are not necessarily the same as those who are supporting Hubbard.

  3. Oh my. Is Allan... Jesus? Ha. This woman is an absolute loon. She uses a lot of 'birther' terms like "sheeple" and the whole good vs evil rubbish. She also mentions how she stays up at night crying at how Allan has been treated. I think she's a bit of a loose unit, obsessed and not too bright.

  4. the Hubbard supporters seem to have one thing in common,they are Christians and as Allan gave money to the church he can do no wrong?
    For some reason i kept expecting Michelle to say she wants to have his baby,saying he is (incapable of dishonesty or fraud like no other person you have EVER met. Only an idiot would say otherwise)
    points to a mad women and after reading fb comments from Rosy Thomas,well that makes two crazy people
    I dont believe hubbard is broke,cant be that good with money if he is,but here they are setting up a Hubbard Trust Fund WTF???
    Maybe they can move to south america and set up a cult
    When Rosy say's something is not right !! ...thats the one thing on the whole Stand-by-Hubbard page she says that is true,

  5. After having read his bio Anon, I think he had a great earlier life but the author descends into the same kind of rubbish that Michelle Helliwell does to defend the nonsense that he has been up to over the last few years.

  6. yeah i think your right,he must have been something right back in the day to start with


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