Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Docktor Nickolas Roadshow

The Docktor "Dick" Nickolas Roadshow.

I have the answer ladies and gentlemen! The answer to all your ills, chills, maladies and a cure for that itchy scalp, baldness and those smelly feet.

So step right up folks, step right up and see what I have for you, for a sum I can fix all your problems! Yes folks I have the answer that will save not just your problems but this city, no this country, no folks the world's problems!!

I am talking about genuine, no nonsense, all purpose, Government guaranteed, personally backed by myself, a qualified purveyor of all that cures, quality gilt edged carbon credits!

Yes folks carbon is what it is and credit is what you will get if you purchase, but you have to purchase now before time runs out!!!

What was that Sir?!

No, No, No, its real, its based on reele cience and backed by those that have been making this stuff up for years!!

What is that Sir?!

Folks, that man over there asks does it work, I cant tell you those things but folks you just have to give it a go and you will find out, trust me I am qualified, I'm a docktor !!

What is that Sir?!

He asks how much it costs folks!

Mere pennies ladies and gents, mere pennies.

What was that Sir?

Sir says he doesn't believe me!!!!

Don't listen to him folks, I know most of you believe me and after all I have cience on my side!!

The crowd leaves having bought all the credit they could lay their hands on.

Docktor Nickolas leaves with heavy pockets having picked everyone elses in the crowd, all except the lone wolf with the big mouth who just lit an open fire to warm his cold hands with the paper that the crowd had given him after they found out quite quickly that the doctor had in fact conned them.

This really is the best way to keep warm he thought to himself.

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