Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Xena Saves the Day: Back Down on Mining Turning Point in Economy

Ayiyiiyiyiyiyi !!! Xena and her elite acting mob roared and the politicians listened.

The decision not to open conservation land up to mining is a big loss to New Zealand Inc and a turning point in our long-term economic sustainability.

Hairy arm-pitted losers (HAPLs) like Lucy Lawless,Keisha Castle Hughes and Robyn Malcolm are not really the people we want to follow down the green path to loserville but nevertheless we apparently are.

New Zealand as a country is in a sad economic state and we needed a big boost to get our economy going again to help get it to some sort of sustainable level (in the true sense of the word not the greeny airy fairy meaning) so then progress and pay our bills on time and pay for some of the social spending that the HAPLs want us to spend on their fellow HAPLs.

Mining was one of the keys that would have led us back to something approaching prosperity. Every other country in the world mines its minerals to help pay their countries bills but we are going to be content as gormless hairy, smiling idiots at the bottom of the world with lovely green vistas but without the means to keep it in our own hands - is it any wonder why the Chinese can see an opportunity here, and good on them.

Lastly, to govern a country on the basis of which minority moron shouts the loudest (the majority of Kiwis who pay the majority of taxes want mining to help us out of the proverbial) is surely a recipe for meekness, mildness, bum stinging fence sitting and a future without a clear direction.

As I pointed out before the 2008 Election on Political Animal (which should be back soon with an explanation for its one year absence) John Key needed to make a stand on things, rather than make decisions based on political polls, because if he didn't then he would fall for anything.

Today he and his Government have apparently and we will be poorer as a result.

Greece is starting to look better everyday, at least it is warm.

See below for Lucy Lawless input on mining:

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